Tina Chang

I had read various online interviews with Tina Chang while preparing for this interview, and after reading one which described her as soft spoken and shy, I was prepared to do most of the talking. So it was a pleasant surprise when upon meeting her she was as charming and superbly dressed as she was down to … Continue reading

Quraysh Ali Lansana

Quraysh Ali Lansana was working in broadcast journalism until his transition into poetry was ignited by the works of acclaimed poet Gwendolyn Brooks. In this interview Quraysh explains the difference between sonics and musicality, and helps his readers understand the way his background in performance and spoken word plays into the way he develops his … Continue reading

Marie Howe

This was the first interview I have ever conducted on camera for this series , and we sure covered a lot of ground! Starting from the crib, Marie Howe’s life has been immersed in connecting images with their textual counterparts. In the interview Marie guides us through a life shaped by childhood memorization of poetry, … Continue reading

Deborah Landau

In this interview I spoke with Deborah Landau about her book’s Orchidilerium, and The Last Usable Hour.It was an exciting moment for me because Deborah and Megan O’Rourke were the creators of The Open Book Series, which was an inspiration for this project, and is sadly now defunct. Besides conversing on the current state of literature in … Continue reading

January Gill O’Neil

If you’ve been looking to link up with other creative people, and don’t have a blog by now, January Gill O’Neil will tell you why its time to sign up and sign in. In this month’s episode of The Painted Word Poetry Series readings and interviews, I was lucky to have spoken with January about … Continue reading

Poets Among Us Event

Vermont is a state known for its rich artistic culture, one founded on the idea that we should nurture our mind, with creativity, cheese, cows and I guess, maple syrup. Why is it that so many artists, poets in particular, find themselves drawn to this state? How do they use it for inspiration? To find … Continue reading